Sunday, 1 January 2017

Why I hate school but love education

This inspiring and mind provoking video asks us to think about education and whether it is fit for purpose. How do we value all types of 'education'? What is our vision for our school? (academic, sporting, cultural and service opportunities)

Activity- Take 10 minutes to answer the following questions alone.

  1. What is the purpose of school?
  2. What is our school’s special character?
  3. How does what we have watched going to change what you do as a teacher?
  4. How does this affect the way that we assess our students?
  5. How will you use what you have watched to ensure you engage your students in learning?

Once you have finished get into groups of 4 and share your thoughts and ideas together.
1 person to scribe or write down your shared agreements. You can also use your notes that you have gathered from your professional readings over the holidays in these tasks as they tie in nicely with the ideas from this video.

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